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Item ID# AX2013.002.001
Title Valentine general store and sawmill ledger
Object Name Ledger
Dates of Creation 1856-1870
Creator Valentine, John
Description On the flyleaf of this ledger is inscribed in purple ink, "J. Valentine". Also written is "Bruce, Sproat et al. Exhibit I referred to ... of W.C. Valentine ... [illegible] Referee".

The front of the ledger is organized by customer, and lists purchases made at the Valentine General Store, along with the price of goods, between 1856 and 1857. Goods include groceries, hardware, textiles, clothing, A number of customers are identified as residing in Bruce Township, Elderslie Township, Greenock Township and Paisley in Bruce County, Ontario.
Includes a separate index book enclosed in the front.

The final 40 pages completed in the ledger appear to concern the Valentine grist mill in Paisley, indicating customers' names and amounts of / prices for flour from 1866 - 1871 on pages entitled "Valentine" and "Ellis"

Also enclosed in the ledger is a letter addressed to "Mama" from David Valentine (from Elora), 1873 (AX2013.002.001c)
Collection Valentine, John family fonds
Physical Description 1 volume ; 40.3 x 19 x 3.8 cm
Subjects Business
Financial records
General stores
Grocery stores
People Aiken, John
Allardice, William
Atkinson, James R.
Atkinson, Walter
Bacon, James
Bacon, John
Bailey, Thomas
Bain, Hugh
Bannerman, Robert
Bearman, Thomas
Beaton, Angus
Beaton, Archibald
Beaton, John
Beaton, Malcolm
Beaton, Neil
Belfour, Arthur
Bell, James
Bell, John
Bill, Lachlan
Black, David
Blakeway, Joseph
Blue, Charles
Blue, Donald
Blue, Willy
Bowen, Jonathan
Bowes, William
Bradford, William
Briggs, George A.
Brockie, William
Brown, Angus
Brown, Henry
Brown, James
Brown, Thomas
Bruce, William
Buir, Angus
Buir, Archibald
Cameron, Angus
Cameron, George
Cameron, John
Campbell, Allan
Campbell, Hector
Campbell, Malcolm
Chisholm, William
Clement, Robert
Cochrane, Robert
Colwell, J. Currie
Coulter, John
Craig, Timothy
Currie, Donald
Currie, John
Daniels, Richard
Davis, James
Delainy, Robert
Devine, John
Dewstow, William
Dizell, James
Dobson, William
Dowling, E.C.
Duncan, Thomas
Falconer, Robert
Farr, William
Flood, John
Fortune, Robert
Fullerton, Robert
Galbraith, Angus
Galbraith, John
Graham, John
Green, William
Gregg, John
Greig, Alexander
Gribble, Samuel
Haney, Thomas
Hay, Robert
Hembroff, Thomas
Henderson, John
Hennissy, John
Higgins, John
Himmfey, Timothy
Hoils, William
Hopper, Thomas
Irvine, Joan
Irvine, Thomas
Jackson, Isaac
Jackson, James
Jackson, John
Jackson, Robert
Johnstone, Robert
Jones, William
Kennedy, Glenn
Kepock, Charles
Kerr, Donald
Kerr, John
Ketch, Lamuel
Kidd, James
King, John
King, Mathew
King, Mathew
Kingshoff, James
Lamb, Lewis
Lamom, Gilbert
Lamond, Donald
Lamond, George
Lane, Ascot
Lang, Isaac
Lang, Isaac
Legenwood, James
Lundy, John
Lynch, Thomas
Mahon, William
Mair, James
Marshall, Thomas
Martin, Donald
Martin, Murdoch
McArthur, Duncan
McArthur, Duncan
McArthur, Hector
McArthur, Hector
McArthur, Lachlan
McArthur, Malcolm
McArthur, Peter
McBride, William
McCachran, Ann
McCalder, Forbes
McCallum, Archibald
McCartney, Blakely
McCartney, Charles
McCartney, John
McCartney, John
McCurdy, Michael
McDonald, Allan
McDonald, Donald
McDonald, Joseph
McDonald, Ronald
McDougald, Allan
McFadyen, Hugh
McFadyen, Neil
McGill, David
McGill, William
McGillivray, Alex
McGillivray, James
McGregor, Alex
McInnes, John
McIntyre, Donald
McIvor, Murdoch
McKay, Angus
McKay, John
McKechnie, Hugh
McKenzie, Alex
McKenzie, Kenneth
McKillop, Neil
McKitter, David
McLachran, Malcolm
McLean, Alex
McLean, Allan
McLean, Norman
McLennon, Allan
McLeod, John
McMillan, Archie
McNabb, Alexander
McNeil, Angus
McNeil, Daniel
Mcneil, Findlay
McNeil, James
McNeill, Neil
McPhee, John
McRorie, John
McTavish, Don
McVittie, David
McWilliams, Alex
Mecklem, Sandra
Mecklem, Sandra
Megraw, John
Millay, Neil
Monroe, John
Monroe, William F.
Morrison, Roderick
Muir, Archibald
Muir, James
Muir, Robert
Munn, Donald
Murdoch, John
Murdock, John
Norton, George
O'Redy, John
Orchard, Thomas
Peacock, James
Philips, William
Plummond, Lou
Porter, William
Rae, Agnes
Rae, James
Rae, James Jr.
Rae, Jane
Rae, John
Ready, John
Robinson, William
Robson, William
Ross, John
Rowe, Samuel Thomas
Rowe, Samuel Thomas
Rue, Agnes
Rue, George
Rue, James
Rue, John
Rue, Thomas
Scott, Frances
Shaw, Malcolm
Shenden, John
Sheridan, James
Simmerman, George
Simone, Augustus
Simpson, Matthew
Smith, John
Sparrow, Thomas
Stewart, Donald
Stoddart, John
Taylor, Alex
Taylor, John
Thompson, John
Tully, William
Valentine, J.
Valentine, John
Valentine, W.C.
Wallace, Robert
Watson, John
Watson, William
Webb, John
Wellsford, Elijah
Wellsford, John
White, William
Williscroft, George
Wilson, James
Wilson, Matthew
Young, Ben
Young, William
Place Paisley
Level of Description Item