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Item ID# AX2011.200.014
Title Bills, Invoices and Accounts
Object Name Bill of Sale
Dates of Creation 1910-1918
Creator Esplen, Alexander Geddes
Description Collection of invoices, bills and accounts, housed in envelopes bearing customer's name, from the A.G. Esplen Arkwright General Store around 1910 - 1918.

The envelopes have a list of all the purchases, the total of the account, a record of money paid on the account and inside the folder are copies of the receipts for each purchase.

Folders are for the following individuals - Stanley Porter - Abe Lyness - Mac Lang - Mike Lowe - Henry Lowe - Geo Langstaff - W.J. Langstaff - William Lambert - William Lind - Jacob Lowe - David Lind - Ladies Aid - Chas Kearns - James King - A.C. King - A.M. King - Francy King - William Kerr - Wilson Knows? - Frank King - Albert Kearns - Rev Far - James Fletcher - Minoe Fanst? - ? Foster - John Fair - William Gammie - Fred George - William Galliker - William Gordon - Elden Galliker - Earl Grant - J? Galliker - Gordon Greig - William Grant - Andrew Gammie - Robert Greig - John Geddes - Adam Geddes - Malcolm Galbraith - Robert Grange - J.D. Grant - David Gedda - John Geotz - Bert Galliker - William Hemstoch - Fred Horning - John Horning - John Hills - Robert Henderson - Harry Hammel - William Henry - John Hammel - John Humphery - Norman Hall - Geo Hooey - Barney Hicks - John Hackett - John Handbright - Robert Hanbridge - Chas Jackson - Thos Jacques - Thas Jaques and Harry - William Jacques - William Jamieson - William Esplen - A.J. Esplen - Geo Esplen - Wallace Esplen - Archie Esplen - A.C. ? - ArthurEsplen - Miss Esplen- Robert Esplen- Sandy and Archie Esplen- Mrs Esplen- Mac Esplen- William Esplen- John H Esplen- ? Crawford - Reggie Crawford - Thos Cann - John Cord? - John Corbitt - Church (Arkwright) - John Crawford - William Crawford - William Coffey - Thos Cann - Joseph Coleman - Maurice Crawford - Frank Cordick - William Cann - Church (Mount Hope) - Allen Crawford - Robert Cunningham - William Collard - Fred Coffey - Geo Collard - Sarah Cann - Emerson Cruikshanks - Same Crowe - William Davis - Thos Beatty - William Beatty - Geo Byers - Lillian Barber - Josh Brinkman - Walter Barber - Robert Byers - Joseph Byers - Matt Byers - Elmer Beatty - James Best? - John Best - James Brinkman - William Barelay - Joseph Best - Bert Byers - Mrs. Bettson - Chas Brinkman - Ada Beatty - Miss Burford - David Barclay - Robert Beatty - John J. Best - Fred Atkinson - Arran Council - Miss Franics Brown - Stanley Porter - Stanley Porter - Thos Humphery - George All? - Hyram Byers - Geo Alliss? - Thos Ash - John Atkinson - Mrs Alexander - and a piece of paper listing outstanding accounts
Admin/Biographical History Two stores supplied the needs of settlers in Arkwright, Bruce County. W.F. Sithes owned and operated the store on the southeast corner for 50 years. Others who owned it include Mr. F. Atkinson, J. Brinkmans, Edward Stron gand lastly Orval Hopkins who purchased it during the 1930s, a few years before it was destroyed by fire. On the north side of the road east of the corner, Mr. Joshua McKim started a store that continued to serve the public into the 1980s. Some of the merchants of that store include Mr. A. Geddes Esplen, Mr. L.W. Scarrow, Mr. Herbert Miller, Mr. Bruce Tolton, Earl Strong, Gladys Spencer and George Pryor.
Collection Esplen, Alexander Geddes fonds
Physical Description 30 cm of textual records
Subjects Business
General stores
People Barber, Lillian
Barber, Walter
Barclay, David
Beatty, Etta
Beatty, Robert
Beatty, Thomas
Beatty, William
Best, John
Brinkman, Charles
Brinkman, James
Brinkman, Joshua
Brown, Francis
Byers, Burt
Byers, George
Byers, Joseph
Byers, Matthew
Byers, Robert
Cann, Thomas
Cann, William
Coffey, Fred
Coffey, William
Coleman, Joseph
Collard, William
Cordick, Frank
Crawford, Allen
Crawford, John
Crawford, Maurice
Crawford, William
Crowe, Samuel
Cruickshank, Emerson
Cunningham, Robert
Davis, William
Esplen, Adam J.
Esplen, Alexander Geddes
Esplen, Archie
Esplen, Arthur
Esplen, George
Esplen, John
Esplen, Mac
Esplen, Robert
Esplen, Wallace
Esplen, William
Fair, John
Fletcher, James
Galbraith, Malcolm
Galliher, Bert
Galliher, William
Gammie, Andrew
Gammie, William
Geddes, Adam
Geddes, John
George, Fred
Gordon, William
Grange, Robert
Grant, William
Greig, Gordon
Greig, Robert
Hackett, John
Hall, Norman
Handbige, Robert
Hemstock, William
Henderson, Robert
Henry, William
Hills, John
Hooey, George
Horning, Fred
Horning, John
Humphrey, John
Jacques, Thomas
Jacques, William
Jamieson, William
Kearns, Albert
Kearns, Charles
Kerr, William
Lambert, William
Langstaff, George
Langstaff, Wilbert
Lind, David
Lind, William
Lowe, Henry
Lowe, Jacob
Lowe, Mike
Lyness, Abe
Porter, Stanley
Place Arkwright
Level of Description Item