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Name Esplen, Alexander Geddes
Born 1875
Father Adam Esplen
Mother Ann Geddes
Spouse Annie May Miller
Children Son and daughter: 1907 and 1909
Occupation Owned General Store in Arkwright, beginning circa 1903.
Places of residence Arran Township

Associated Records

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AX2011.200.005 - Six col. journal

A.G. Esplen "Six Col. Journal", January to March [1900?] Cover label also includes "Central - Business - College, W.J. Elliott, Principal, Stratford, Ontario"

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AX2011.200.006 - A.G. Esplen Clerk of Estate & day book

"A.G. Esplen Clerk of Estate" is inscribed inside the front cover. The book appears to record expenses and income, as well as stock inventory for the A.G. Esplen general store.

Image of A2015.107.001 - Business receipts: Esplen, Paisley Feed, Superior Stores

A2015.107.001 - Business receipts: Esplen, Paisley Feed, Superior Stores

Four business receipts addressed to Arthur Esplen: a) A.G. Esplen, dealer in dry goods, groceries, boots and shoes, hardware, Burgoyne, 1905; b) Superior Stores - Elgin L. Feick, Port Elgin,1947; c) Paisley Feed, Alfalfa & Saw Mills, 1951; d) Paisley Feed, Alfalfa & Saw Mills, e) Stevens-Hepner & Co., manufacturers of brushes, fine whisks and brooms, 1908.

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AX2011.200.003 - Sales book

A.G. Esplen Sales book, with additional label on front cover: "Central - Business - College, W.J. Elliott, Principal, Stratford - Ontario". The entries in this book consist of nine pages of entries from October to November of an unidentified year. The headings for entries are: Date, Dr. Account, Entry, Fol., Cash.

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AX2011.200.004 - Ledger

A.G. Esplen Ledger. [1900? - 1903] Front cover label also includes "Central - Business - College, W.J. Elliott, Principal, Stratford - Ontario". Also includes financial information related to Alexander Geddes Esplen personally.

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AX2011.200.001 - Journal day book

A.G. Esplen Journal Day Book. The cover label of the Journal Day Book also includes "Central - Business - College, W.J. Elliott, Principal, Stratford - Ontario". The title of the first page indicates "Stratford Jan. 1, 1900". The first entry indicates "A.G. Esplen has this day commenced business investing Cash $4,000.00." Entry dated August 27, 1900 indicates "Student has this day sold to his partners and will engage in the carpet business on Sept. 1" October 29, 1900 entry "Store and contents were entirely destroyed by fire. ..." November 1900 entry re: partnership under name A.G. Esplen & Co. October 14, 1903 entry indicates that "A.G. Esplen started business in Ark

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AX2011.200.002 - Invoice book

A.G. Esplen Invoice Book. Front cover label also includes "Central - Business - College, W.J. Elliott, Principal, Stratford - Ontario". This book consists of 3 pages of writing recording invoices from November 1 to December 21 [no year indicated]. Enclosed in the book are 10 invoices addressed to either A. Esplen, G. Esplen or A.G. Esplen from May 1900 to June 1900 from businesses located in Owen Sound, Seaforth, Windsor and Chatham. Also enclosed in the book is an undated statement of loss and gain.

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AX2011.200.008 - Journal

Journal recording transactions from October 14, 1903 to June 13, 1904, likely for A.G. Esplen's General Store in Arkwright.

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AX2011.200.009 - Ledger

Ledger, 1907? - 1908? for Arkwright General Store. "A.G. Esplen, Arkwright, Ont." inscribed on inside cover, with "Bought at "The Leader" Book and Stationary Store, Tara." Spine and corners are covered in leather, with spine title "Ledger." Each page bears the name of a customer and list of amounts owed and paid.

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AX2011.200.010 - Journal

Journal, 1909-1915 for A.G. Esplen's Arkwright General Store. Lists entries related to merchandise and expenses. Leather spine cover bears title "Journal."

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AX2011.200.011 - Account book

Account Book, 1910, containing lists of "Stock and Fixtures," likely for A.G. Esplen Arkwright General Store. Enclosed in the book were: a) Statement December 6, 1904 (on Bell Telephone Co. letterhead) b) Statement of resources and liabilities, January 16, 1907 (on Bell Telephone Co. letterhead) c) Balance Sheet for year 1909.

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AX2011.200.012 - Receipts for shipments of merchandise

Canadian Express Company Receipts for Shipments of Merchandise book. "A.G. Esplen, Merchant, Arkwright" is inscribed on front label. The book contains four merchandise receipts for cases of eggs sent by A.G. Esplen at Canadian Express Co. at Tara, Ont. to Lemon Bros., Owen Sound, and some Toronto destinations, along with a number of blank receipts.

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AX2011.200.014 - Bills, Invoices and Accounts

Collection of invoices, bills and accounts, housed in envelopes bearing customer's name, from the A.G. Esplen Arkwright General Store around 1910 - 1918. The envelopes have a list of all the purchases, the total of the account, a record of money paid on the account and inside the folder are copies of the receipts for each purchase. Folders are for the following individuals - Stanley Porter - Abe Lyness - Mac Lang - Mike Lowe - Henry Lowe - Geo Langstaff - W.J. Langstaff - William Lambert - William Lind - Jacob Lowe - David Lind - Ladies Aid - Chas Kearns - James King - A.C. King - A.M. King - Francy King - William Kerr - Wilson Knows? - Frank King - Albert Kearns - Rev Far - James F