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Name Spence, James Hendry
Other Names also known as Harry Spence
Born Apr. 14, 1858
Deceased Nov. 1906
Father Captain John Spence
Mother Jane Harold
Spouse Margaret MacAulay (who died 2 months after their marriage), Jennie Byers.
Children John Byers Spence (Died at 9 months old.)
Occupation He and his brother, Captain "Jack" Spence (John H. Spence) were in the coastal trading and lumber business on the Peninsula for a while in the 1880s and 1890s. They also kept stores at Pike Bay and Tobermory. In 1906, he died of blood poisoning which developed shortly after he had his leg broken by a railroad beam that was being used as a lever.
Places of residence He resided in Southampton and on the Bruce Peninsula.
Sources a) Weichel, John. "Skeely Skipper: Southampton's master mariner Captain John Spence." Southampton: Bruce County Museum & Archives, 2001. Print.

b) Contents of John Spence family fonds, BCM&CC, AX2011.600;

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Associated Records

Image of AX2011.602.004 - Day book

AX2011.602.004 - Day book

This book consists of a daily record of financial transactions, from 1902 to 1928, likely recorded by a descendant of Captain John Spence, possibly Captain John Harold ("Jack") Spence. The transactions recorded in the book involve individuals including: Alexander Emerson Belcher, Southampton; George E. Smith, Southampton; John Hilditch; Robert Bartley, Peter Knechtel, St. Paul's Church; John H. Spence; H.A. Spence; Cappy Spence, Will Spence, Nellie Currie, John Craig and the Fawcett Farm, some of which appear to have involved the payment of mortgages and transactions with private bankers. The transactions include references to "father's account" in the mid-1902s. The recorded transa

Image of AX2011.602.002 - Schooner Nemesis ledger and log book, and Schooner Wanderer log book

AX2011.602.002 - Schooner Nemesis ledger and log book, and Schooner Wanderer log book

This log book and ledger records: Schooner Nemesis ledger section: expenses and earnings (1875, 1876, 1877), as well as financial records related to Captain John Spence, John H. Spence ("Jack" Spence), Harry Spence (1877), and other individuals to whom wages were paid, including: Maurice Precious, Thomas Harkness, Asa Garned, Harry Jones, John Cornelius, Laughlin Currie, John R. Black, John McDuff, William Woolway, David Derick, Robert Parker, Charles Greenwood, Edward Marlton, Archie McDonald, Sam Noble, Thomas Tate, Ben Garrison, Martin Gillies, Frank Granville, Malcolm Mathieson, John Mathieson, George Currie, Alex McDiarmid, William McKenzie, Frank Longe, and Charles Hillard. Schoon

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AX2011.602.002a - Letter to Captain John H. Spence, October 7, 1885

This correspondence is enclosed in the Schooner Nemesis ledger and log book, and Schooner Wanderer log book (AX2011.602.002). This is a letter from Goodenow & Hinds, dealers in lumber, shingles, R.R. ties, cedar posts and poles, wood and park, Chicago, to Captain John H. Spence [known as Jack Spence], Southampton.

Image of AX2011.602.003 - Tobermory, Pike Bay and Dyer's Bay Spence family general stores daybook

AX2011.602.003 - Tobermory, Pike Bay and Dyer's Bay Spence family general stores daybook

This book includes a stock book section, listing the Tobermory General Store's inventory of dry goods, drugs, groceries, hardware, and shoes, as well as a "book accounts" section, both related to January 1895. It also includes a day book section for the Tobermory store, listing the customers and their purchases by day from April 1897 to July 1897. The back half of the book consists of the day book for the Pike Bay and Dyer's Bay General Stores from July 1898 to January 1902.

No Image Available

AX2011.602.005 - Cash book

Cash book that appears to have been created by John Harold ("Jack") Spence 1893, 1894 and 1901-1908. In the journal, he recorded his financial expenditures and income. Enclosed in the journal was a receipt: to Mr. McMullen, in account with J. H. Spence.

No Image Available

A2009.051.023 - Skeely Skipper: Southampton's master mariner Captain John Spence

"Skeely Skipper: Southampton's master mariner Captain John Spence" includes a transcript of a personal account of Capt. John Spence's life as told by him to a grandaughter in eithier 1899 or 1900, a few years before his death. Also includes information gathered through research about other major incidents from his life, including his arrival in Southampton with David Kennedy, his fishing company, his wife and children, Spence family ships (including Sea Gull, Forrest, Nemesis, Patton, and White Oak), the rescue he performed in 1876, and the drowning of his son, Alex Spence, in 1895.

No Image Available

A2010.003.002 - Seeking permanence in a new land : historic houses of Grey and Bruce Counties

Ruth Cathcart profiles more than one hundred historically significant houses in Grey and Bruce Counties, featuring the domestic vernacular styles which emerged in the late 1800s and early 1900s. The book combines architectural descriptions with anecdotes of the builders and residents who came to this region of central Ontario. House names and styles include: Bayside Farm Belvedere Bishop House Bon Accord Bothwell Manor Buchan Manor Campbell/Sudden House Clarke House Classical Revival Cochrane-Jamieson House Colin Russell House Colombage Conrad Kaufman House Daniel Davidson House Daniel Knechtel House Dawe House Dentil Moulding Eagles Nest Eddie Sargent House Frances Eb