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Image of 2004.018.016 - Badge, Collar

2004.018.016 - Badge, Collar

A Royal Canadian Artillery collar badge. It is bronze coloured metal with "UBIQUE" on the bottom. The centre is a grenade that has 7 flames.

Image of 988.030.002 - Badge, Cap

988.030.002 - Badge, Cap

A gold and silver coloured metal. The front shows a circle with crown at top. Printed in the circle is "PRINCESS PATRICIAS' CANADIAN LIGHT INFANTRY". The back has two protruding eyes which holds the pin.

Image of 2006.043.007 - Badge, Cap

2006.043.007 - Badge, Cap

A stamped brass cap badge with pin. The front shows a crown above 'RCAF' surrounded by laurel wreath. The back shows pin that slides into round eye hooks adhered to the back of the badge.

Image of 2006.043.008a/b - Pin, Military

2006.043.008a/b - Pin, Military

A Royal Canadian Air Force Reserve badge. The front shows an eagle in the centre of a circle. There is text in the circle that reads "R.C.A.F." at the top and "RESERVE" at the bottom. There is a crown at the top of the circle. The back has a screw on pin clasp.

Image of 2007.039.004 - Badge, Cap

2007.039.004 - Badge, Cap

A Royal Canadian Artillery metal cap badge. The badge is roughly triangular in shape. In the centre of the badge is a canon which is facing proper right. The wheel of the canon is upraised from the badge and moves. Above the canon is "UBIQUE". Atop that is a crown. Beneath the canon in a furled ribbon is "QUO FAS ET GLORIA DECUNT". On the reverse are two pointed prongs that serve to secure badge to hat. Stamped into bottom of badge is "J.R GAUNT".

Image of 2012.005.002a/b - Badge, Collar

2012.005.002a/b - Badge, Collar

Two military pins from the 160th Bruce Batallion. Part (a) is a bronze military pin from the 160th Bruce. The pin has the St. Edward's Crown at the top and a circular wreath below it. Inside the wreath is what looks like a thistle bloom. On the circular wreath is upraised text that reads " - BRUCE -". On either side are two maple leafs. Below this is a banner with upraised and curved banner ends. On this is upraised text that reads "OVERSEAS 160 BATALLION". There is one maple leaf below the banner on each side. Below this is a ridges narrow rectangular bar and below this is a small banner with upraised text that reads "CANADA". On the back of the pin are two eyelet holes to allow a pin

Image of 2012.005.003a/b - Badge, Cap

2012.005.003a/b - Badge, Cap

Two military pins from the 160th Bruce Batallion. Part (a) is a bronze coloured 160th Bruce military pin. It is comprised of a large maple leaf. Within this at the top of the leaf is the St. Edward's Crown. Below this is an oval with upraised border and within this is upraised text that reads "BRUCE". Below the oval is a small and narrow banner going from proper left to proper right side. On it is upraised text that reads "CANADA OVERSEAS". Below this in large upraised font is "160". On the rear of the pin are two protruding eyelet for a pin to go through. There is a buildup of white corrosion on the pin rear, especially around the eyelets. Part (b) is a brass 160th Bruce military pin.

Image of 2013.011.005 - Patch, Military

2013.011.005 - Patch, Military

A small patch that is made of black felt and is circular shaped on proper left and wing shaped on proper right. On proper left side of patch is bronze stitching in the form of a laurel wreath and stitched between in white is "AG". To the proper right of this is white stitching that forms a wing. The patch is a Royal Air Force Air Gunner patch.

Image of 2013.011.007 - Patch, Military

2013.011.007 - Patch, Military

A military patch that is rectangular in shape and is on a black felt background and sewn onto black cotton backing. Stitched onto front in white thread is a depiction of a bird, possibly a Condor. The patch is a Royal Air Force Shoulder Flash.

Image of 2013.026.007a-d - Badge, Collar

2013.026.007a-d - Badge, Collar

.007a and ,007cCollar badges are roughly diamond shaped and is bronze gilt. Front of .007a has a woman facing proper right and has a Spartan like helmet atop her head. On each side of her is a maple leaf and below a banner with "C.W.A.C" on it. .007c is the same except that woman is facing proper left. .007b and .007d are the badge clip. Clips are made of brass and have a round head and two long bars.

Image of 2013.026.008a/b - Badge, Cap

2013.026.008a/b - Badge, Cap

.008a Cap badge is diamond shaped and made of brass. Badge has a dotted border and dotted inner border. Along edges of cap is "CANADIAN WOMEN'S ARMY CORP". At centre is a large silver coloured branch with three maple leaves on it. .008b is badge clip. Clip is brass and has a round head and two long round bars.

Image of 2013.026.009a/b - Badge, Cap

2013.026.009a/b - Badge, Cap

A cap badge (a) that is diamond shaped and made of brass. Badge has a dotted border and dotted inner border. Along edges of cap is "CANADIAN WOMEN'S ARMY CORP". At centre is a large silver coloured branch with three maple leaves on it. There is a badge clip (b) attached to the back. The clip is brass and has a round head and two long round bars.

Image of 2015.003.002 - Badge, Military

2015.003.002 - Badge, Military

A Royal Canadian Air Force badge. The badge is black with white wings and a crown at the top with laurel leaves surrounding "RCAF". This is all embroidered onto the badge. The back has a navy blue material protected layer.

Image of 2016.008.015 - Badge, Military

2016.008.015 - Badge, Military

A navy felt Royal Canadian Air Force badge. The badge has a crest shape with rounded sides and three point top. The badge is navy with coloured embroidery on top. There is a white border along the edge of the crest shape. The top has a gold and red crown with a white circle below it with blue writing that reads "Per Ardva-Ad Astra" . The inside of the circle is red with a gold eagle in the centre. There is a banner on the bottom that reads "Royal Canadian Air Force". The back of the badge has a navy blue cotton lining.

Image of 956.174.001 - Badge, Insignia

956.174.001 - Badge, Insignia

One baseball team badge. Badge is circular in shape and is made of leather on the obverse and felt on the reverse. Obverse is divided into two concentric circles. The outer circle is dyed a blue colour and has "SOUTHAMPTON BASEBALL - CLUB" in red lettering. The inner circle is dyed red in colour and has "INT. O.B.A.A CHAMPS 1932" in dark lettering. The reverse is a dun coloured felt.

Image of 967.038.004a-c - Patch, Military

967.038.004a-c - Patch, Military

A set of three military badges off a uniform. (a) is a chevron for Rank & Good Conduct. It is green with light coloured khaki coloured stripes in a 'V' shape. A total of four stripes. Badges (b) & (c) are Rank Crown badges. The Rank Crown badge has a black background with a gold embroidered crown with red velvet inserts.

Image of 985.057.010 - Badge, Military

985.057.010 - Badge, Military

A green and beige khaki coloured chevron stripe badge. The stripes are green with a beige middle stripe on top of a brown background. There are 3 stripes in total. In the shape of a wide 'V'.

Image of 989.030.010 - Badge, Cap

989.030.010 - Badge, Cap

A bronze metal cap badge with a crown over cannon . There is a banner reads "CANADA" "QUO FAS ET GLORIA DU CUNT" . The badge is for the Royal Canadian Artillery in the First World War.

Image of 993.018.020 - Badge, Military

993.018.020 - Badge, Military

A badge for the RCNVR (Royal Canadian Navy Volunteer Reserve). The badge is navy blue with a red laurel leaves, gold crown and white anchor with writing below it. The crown is at the top with the anchor below it. The laurel leaves are on both sides of the anchor. There is a banner at the bottom that reads "RCNVR".

Image of 995.006.006a/b - Badge, Collar

995.006.006a/b - Badge, Collar

A pair of cast metal collar badges. The centre circle shows a thistle and has "BRUCE" around top of circle There is "160" below and a crown at the top. The bottom banner reads "CANADA" with maple leaves and ribbons.

Image of 995.022.012 - Badge, Cap

995.022.012 - Badge, Cap

A 160th Battalion cap badge. Gold (now tarnished) in the shape of a maple leaf with embossed crown at very top. There is also an oval shape that reads "BRUCE" with a banner below that reads "Canada Overseas". Below the banner there is "160" near the base of the maple leaf. The back has two hooks on each side where the metal safety pin hook slides into.

Image of 995.071.002 - Badge, Cap

995.071.002 - Badge, Cap

A maple leaf shaped cap badge. The leaf is brass with raised lettering on top. Near the top there is a crown with "BRUCE" below it. There is a banner across the middle that reads "CANADA OVERSEAS". The bottom of the leaf has "160". The back of the badge has a metal pin that slides through two eye hooks.