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Item ID# A2006.189.001
Title The fairest of them all : a history of the Arran-Tara Fall Fair, published on the occasion of the 150th consecutive fair 1858-2007
Object Name Book
Author Miller, Bruce A.
Additional Authors de Boer, Simon, Chairman
Byers, Don
Hunt, Shirley
Hunt, Norman
Schwass, Mary
Publisher Bruce Miller
Published Date 2007
Description A history of the Arran-Tara Fall Fair, published on the occasion of the 150th consecutive fair. 1858-2007

Table of Contents:
1 - The early years
2 - Even the best of friends may have an occasional falling-out
3 - The fair finds a permanent home
4 - Merger with the horticultural society
5 - W.A. Gerolamy
6 - Memorable fairs of the 19th century
7 - The fair sex and the fair
8 - Men and the fair
9 - The First World War
10 - The Great Depression
11 - World War Two
12 - It seemed like a good idea at the time
13 - 4H Clubs
14 - Entertainment
15 - The school parade
16 - Horse racing
17 - Special notes
18 - Memorable fairs of the 20th century
19 - I remember when...
App 1 - Presidents, Secretaries, and Treasurers
App 2 - Ambassadors
App 3 - The Honour Roll
Physical Description 95 p. : ill. (some col.) ; 28 cm x 22 cm (spiral bound soft cover)
ISBN 0-9698023-5-8
Subjects Agricultural organizations
Depression (economic)
Home front
Horse racing
Youth organizations
People Ackley, A.Fleming Sr.
Ackley, T
Aiken, Mavor
Aiken, Merri L.
Aiken, Wesley
Alexander, S.J.
Allis, C.
Angel, Nina
Armstrong, Harry
Armstrong, James
Armstrong, John
Armstrong, Roger
Arthur family
Ash, Lizzie
Ash, William
Atkinson, J.
Bailey, Elma
Bailey, Emma
Bailey, Fred
Bailey, J.
Bailey, J.
Barber, James
Barber, James
Barber, John
Barclay, Doris
Barclay, Ray
Barclay, Russell
Barclay, Russell
Barclay, Russell
Barfoot, D.
Bayley, John
Beaton, Mary
Bere, Florence
Berger, Elsie
Berry, Maxine
Berry, Ollie
Blasing, Mrs. Harold
Boomer, Annie
Boomer, Charles
Bowles, Lester Gerolamy
Bowman, C.M. (Charles Martin)
Boyle, Henry
Bricker, D.O.
Briggs, Ezra
Briggs, Joseph
Broadfoot, Lavern
Broadfoot, Louise
Broadfoot, Louise
Brunton, Alfred
Brunton, Don
Brunton, Mrs.A.
Burridge, Terri
Burtwistle, Jim
Burtwistle, Lorna
Byers, Don
Byers, Murray
Byers, Stuart
Campbell, George
Campbell, W.
Carr, G.
Catto, Ellen
Chambers, Jack
Chesterfield, Peter
Chisholm, Flora
Christie, Jen
Clancy, John
Clark, Denise
Cochins, D.
Coleman, Mrs. B.
Coleman, Tara
Colverts, W.
Cook, Billy
Corduck, F.
Couch, G
Couch, J
Cowe, Wm
Craig, J.
Crawford, Mrs. Wm.
Crawford, Brian
Crawford, Jim
Crawford, Mrs.C.
Crawford, Patrick
Crawford, W.J.
Crawford, William
Crookshanks, William
Crow, James
Crowe, Francis
Cummer, Eli
Cunningham, Blanche
Cunningham, G., Mrs.
Cunningham, G.A.
Cunningham, Gordon
David, Duke
Davis, Ben
de Boer, Simon
de Boer, Simon
Deibel, Wanita
Delayer, J
Dick, D
Direct, Deanna
Dix, George
Dobbin, Jas
Dobie, Jane
Dornan, Thos.
Douglass, Aggie
Douglass, John
Drinkwater, J
Duff, Mrs. Edgar
Duff, Mrs.A.
Duff, Thomas
Dunn, Mrs. W.
Eastwood, Elizabeth H.
Edgar, I.G.
Edwards, Joseph
Elder, Darlene
Elder, Leith
Esplen, Mary Jane
Esplin, A.
Esplin, William
Faulkner, W.
Fawcett, Benj.
Fawcett, George
Fawcett, Michael
Fenton, Borden
Fenton, Jewel
Fenton, John R.
Fenton, Walter
Fenton, Willard
Fiddes, H., Mrs.
Field, Mary
Field, W.H.
Fleming, A.
Fleming, Marjorie
Foster, Alexander R.
Foster, T.R.
Foster, Thomas
Fritz, B.
Funston, Bernice
Galbraith, Allan
Galbraith, Clinton Grant
Galbraith, Grant
Galbraith, Lynda
Gammie, William
Gardiner, J.N.
Gardner, John
Gardner, Luke
George, John
Gibson Family
Gilroy Family
Gimby, Dr.
Glover, Wm
Gordon, Nancy
Gowan, Anna
Gowan, Margie
Gowan, Mary
Graham, Laurie
Grange, Wm
Gravensteins, J. Wiley
Green, Raymond
Greenings, T.
Gregson, W.
Griffith, C.H.
Guy, E.
Hacking, Mrs. Dr.
Hall, Everett
Hall, John
Hall, John
Hall, Joseph
Hall, Larry
Halliday, Chesley
Hamilton, John, 1817-1911, 1817-1911
Hamilton, John, 1817-1911, 1817-1911
Hammell, Donald
Hammell, Ron
Hammond, J.E.
Hammond, James
Hammond, Jean
Hammond, M
Harriot, John
Harron, J.
Harron, Wayne
Harwood, Harry
Harwood, Lil
Harwood, Mrs.H.
Harwood, Roy
Hearst, William
Hemstock, Reta
Henley, Lila Lee
Henry, C.J., Mrs.
Heraldi (H.A.)
Hilborn, W.R.
Hill, F.T.
Hills, Doreen
Hills, Howard
Hindman, John
Holmes, Roy
Holmes, W.T.
Hooper, A.
Howe, William
Hunt, Norman
Hunt, Shirley
Hutchinson, G
Ironmonger. J.
Itter, John
Jacobe, D.
Jacques, Thos.
Jamison, James
Johnson, Gord
Johnston, James
Johnston, Joseph
Joynt, George W.
Kennedy, Howard
Kennedy, Mrs. S
Kennedy, Norman
Kennedy, Roger
Kent, Teddy
Kirkland, Amanda
Kirkland, Bonnie
Koehler, Harold
Kuhl, Nancy
Lake, G. W.
Lashley, F.A.
Lawes, James
Lawrinson, Vincent
Leask, John
Lee, Arnold
Lee, Wendy
Legg, Moses
Lewis, J.
Lind, D.
Lind, George
Lind, Max
Locke, C.
Lowes, James
Luckhart, Grace
Lunn, E.
MacDonald, H. Ruthven
Manns, J.H.
Marmion, Wm
Matches, Floyd
Matlock, Debra
Matthews, Stanley
McArthur, Andrew
McArthur, Lori
McArthur, Paige
McArthur, Ron
McCann, Robert
McCaslin, Mrs.K.
McCaslin, Rena
McCaslin, Rena
McCausland, William
McClure, Wallace
McConkey, R
McConnell, Don
McCurdy, Frank
McCurdy, Mrs.G.
McCurdy, S
McDonald, Dennis
McDonald, James A.
McDonald, Ray
McDougald, Bill
McDougald, Mrs. E.
McDougald, Neil
McInnes Family
McIntosh, Charles
McKay, Mary
McKie, Thos.
McKinnon, Sheila
McLean, Harvey
McLennan, Ken
McLennan, Mrs.K.
McLeod, Archie
McLeod, Grace
McLeod, Lois
McMillan, Kristen
McMillan, Kristen
McRae, A
Merriam, Chester
Middleton, Ryan
Middleton, Ryan
Miller, Bruce
Miller, Bruce
Miller, Ed
Miller, G.A., Mrs.
Miller, H., Mrs.
Miller, James
Miller, Jim
Miller, Joanne
Miller, Lilian
Miller, Stewart
Mills, Kelly
Mills, Randy
Mills, Robert
Mills, Robert
Milne, John
Misch, Arnold
Mitchell, C.
Mollett, J.C.
Monkman, Harvey
Moore, Keith
Morran, T.
Morrison, Frances
Morrison, Mrs.G.
Morrison, Wayne
Morrow, William
Munson, George
Munson, Harold
Neelands, A
Neil, George
Nelson, Lil
Nelson, Mrs.J.
Nestor, F.
Newman Family
Newman, Bill
Newton, J.
Palmer, Elmer
Palmer, Gail
Parsons, Job
Patchell, Audrey
Patchell, Mark
Patchell, Mike
Patchell, Velma
Patterson, Gordon
Patterson, Mrs.F.
Patterson, Patsy
Pfeffer family
Phillips, Ron
Pierson, W.J.
Pinchin, Harry
Powley, Samuel
Pringle, Donald
Proud, Melville
Proud, Mrs.M.
Putnam, Sol
Richards, Harvey
Richards, Ross
Roberts, James
Robertson, Carl
Robertson, Mrs. Bev
Robinson, Jeanette
Robinson, Richie
Rody, Paul
Romph, Delores
Ruff, Bob
Rusk, William
Scales, Walter
Scarrow, Gwen
Scarrow, Gwen
Scarrow, J.
Schwass, Mary
Shier, Jesse
Shine, J
Shire, Josiah
Sim, Alex
Sinclair, Duncan
Smit, bill
Smith, Alex
Smith, Barry
Smith, I.F.
Snell, R
Sparling, Jane
Sparling, John
Sparling, L
Speer, Alex W.
Speer, Arthur
Speer, Fred
Speer, Isobel
Speers, Ken
Spiers, Alex
Steel, Wm
Steer, Henry
Steinacker, Faye
Stephenson, James
Strong, Carmon
Strong, Jim
Strong, Jim
Strong, Mary
Strong, Mrs.H.
Sutclift, Cliff
Sutton, Samuel
Swigger, Kayla
Swigger, Ron
Tedford, Howard
Tedford, Kathy
Thomas, D.D.
Thomas, F.A.
Thomas, Mrs. Charles
Thorne, Lawrence
Thorne, Roger
Tippin, G.
Tippin, William
Tippin, William
Tobey, Byron
Tolton, Marjorie
Trelford, C.
Trelford, David
Trelford, Earl
Trelford, Gwen
Trelford, Lillian
Trelford, Lorne
Trelford, Lorne
Trelford, Mrs.L.
Trevier, George
Trevies, George
Van Sligtenhorst, Abraham
Van Sligtenhorst, Bart
Vance, W.G.
Vance, Thomas
Vickers, Thomas
Virtue, Gerald
Vollick, M.H.
Wain, Dorothy
Wakefield, George
Walker, A.
Walker, Florence
Walker, Gordon
Wark, Bruce
Wark, David D.
Wark, James A. Crawford
Wark, John
Watson, Joyce
Watson, Russ
Whicher, Ross Mackenzie
While, J.D.
White, C.
White, Irma
White, Melbourne
White, Mrs.M.T.
White, Shirley
Wiley, Ken
Wiley, Ken
Wilkinson, W
Wilson, A.
Wilson, Dr.
Wismer, J.H.
Witherspoon, Jas.
Wolfe, Harold
Wood, William
Young, Elgin
Young, J.F.
Young, James
Young, Mrs.J.F.
Place Allenford
Arran Township
Bruce County
Crosby's Corners
Hall's Corners