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A2009.069.002 - Letters concerning construction of road right-of-way

This item is part of series 5 (Historical documents and photographs) of the Gould Lake Ratepayers Association fonds. This folder consists of correspondence concerning the proposed construction of a new road in the vicinity of what is known as McDonald Street in 2013. Authors of the correspondence include Bruce County Planning Department and Horton, Middlebro & Stevens

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A2010.099.1305 - Walkerton - town histories

This folder is part of the Peter Schmalz fonds Series 6, File 4 (Walkerton and area history resources - Articles, manuscripts and reports). This folder contains the following articles and photocopies: a) Photocopied letter, 1874, to Father Keough from James Davidson, re quote on erection of church; b) Photocopied letter, 1873, to Father Keough from Matthew Bell, 1873 . c) Photocopied Bruce County Council minutes, 1936 re: indigent patients at hospitals; d) Photocopied Bruce County Council minutes, 1934 re: complaints, Rowland (Sheriff) v. Walker (Caretaker and constable). e) Inglis, Glenn E. "The Effect of the Bruce County Council of the Importance of Roads, 1850-19

Image of A2014.003.K-65-02 - Negative, Roll Film

A2014.003.K-65-02 - Negative, Roll Film

35mm negative photographs taken by Bruce Krug and/or Howard Krug between February 14, 1965 and March 21, 1965. Identification information below is taken from titles written by Bruce or Howard Krug on the negative envelope, next to negative numbers. [ ] indicates that identification was made based on appearance of image. Photograph List: K-65-02-01 [Iron bridge spanning a river], 1965 K-65-02-02 S.S. No. ___ [U.S.S. No. 8 Greenock-Elderslie School], Lot 2, Con. XIX, Greenock Township, 1965 K-65-02-03 S.S. No. ___ Bruce [U.S.S. No. 10 Bruce-Greenock School], Lot 31, Con. VI, Bruce Township, 1965 K-65-02-04 Moving telephone poles and line back for widening 30th Road Elderslie

Image of A2014.008.0114 - Postcard, Picture

A2014.008.0114 - Postcard, Picture

The image on this postcard features a large gathering of people around a trench / ditch built while installing water works on the Main Street near Aldolph in Chesley [ca. 1908]. It shows a few workers in the ditch and a large number of townfolk surrounding them and mounds of dirt. The title of the card is "Putting in water works, Chesley, Ont." On the reverse, a handwritten message is addressed to Rev. W. H. Moss from Ev. There is also a newspaper clipping of the obituary of Rev. George Buggin (Seaforth) glued to the left-hand upper corner of the reverse side of the postcard. The card had a handwritten date of July 30'09 and there are two postmarks of which one has BURLINGTON ONT. JUL 31 0

Image of A2014.008.0115 - Postcard, Picture

A2014.008.0115 - Postcard, Picture

The image on this postcard features a large gathering of people around a trench / ditch built while installing water works on the Main Street near Adoloph in Chesley [ca. 1908]. It shows a few workers in the ditch and a large number of townfolk surrounding them and mounds of dirt. The title, in red typeset, is "Putting in water works, Chesley, Ont." A handwritten message on the reverse is dated April 24, 1911 and addressed to Mrs. John Henry Shouldice, Ont. from Norman, with a postmark of CHESLEY AP 25. On the image side of the card is Owen Sound APR 25. This item is part of the Krug family fonds, series 4, file 2 (Historical records and research - Bruce County postcards).

Image of A2014.008.0353 - Postcard, Picture

A2014.008.0353 - Postcard, Picture

This post card features six teams of horses attached to ploughs and a number of men standing with them. There are trees, fields and telephone poles in the background. On the reverse of the card, printed in red ink: "pictures taken when they built Kincardine highway." This item is part of the Krug family fonds, series 4, file 2 (Historical records and research - Bruce County postcards).

Image of A2014.008.0354 - Postcard, Picture

A2014.008.0354 - Postcard, Picture

This postcard features a photographic image of a dirt road, along the side of which are horses standing next to what appears to be road grading apparatus. Both men and horses are standing in the shade of the trees on the side of the road. On the reverse, printed in red ink: "taken when Kincardine highway was built." This item is part of the Krug family fonds, series 4, file 2 (Historical records and research - Bruce County postcards).

Image of A2014.008.0405 - Postcard, Picture

A2014.008.0405 - Postcard, Picture

This postcard features a photographic image of a group of four men / construction workers who are wearing overalls, standing beside a team of horses attached to a plough. Handprinted on the reverse in red ink is: "workers who helped build Kincardine highway, John Albrect on left." This item is part of the Krug family fonds, series 4, file 2 (Historical records and research - Bruce County postcards).

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A2014.049.168 - Ferndale – Swan Lake Women's Institute Tweedsmuir community history

Ferndale – Swan Lake Women’s Institute Tweedsmuir Community History Volume #4 (as numbered by the Women's Institute) Volumes 4 & 5 combined into one binder.

Image of A2017.049.004 - Photograph

A2017.049.004 - Photograph

Photograph featuring road machinery working on road construction. A sign on the machinery indicates "Town of Goderich" and "Champion." It is believed to be working in the Armow, Kincardine Township area. A team of horses is standing at the far right edge of the photograph. Another team of horses is pulling a wagon of dirt/gravel behind the machinery. Photograph is pasted onto material, on the back of which are two stamps: "Mel Dahmler, Clerk, Treasurer, Collector, Armow, Ontario." "Manufactured and sold by The Dominion Road Machinery Co. (Limited), Goderich, Ontario."

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A2017.049.005 - Photograph

Photograph featuring a row of 10 men standing in front of a Champion road grader. (In the photographic print the word "Champion" is reversed. On the reverse is handwritten: "Looking for New Grader, Goderich, November 1964" with names: Keith Blackwell, Road Supt. Salesman Alvin Blackwell, Councillor Eugene McLeod, operator Burton Shewfelt, Dept. Reeve Russ McTeer, operator Ernie Greer, Reeve Ed Wilson, Councillor W. Eskrick, Councillor [William Eskrick] Salesman

Image of A958.031.002 - Road building machinery

A958.031.002 - Road building machinery

Sawyer Massey Limited's Road Building Machinery catalogue, with illustrations of steam rollers, portable rock crushers, revolving screens, elevators, heavy duty plows, road maintainers, road graders, scarifiers, storage tanks, scrapers, drags, boilers, engines, tractors (kerosene), wagons (sump and spreading), and moulds (culvert).

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A991.049.001 - History of the County of Bruce and of the minor municipalities therein

The first eleven chapters of this work refer to the county at large, with chapter headings: 1. The Surrender of the Indian Title 2. The Queen's Bush 3. The Pioneers, 1831-1849 4. The Infant County, 1850-1856 5. The Settlement of the County, 1850-1856 6. The County Town Contest Years, 1857-1866 7. Full Development Attained, 1867-1881 8. Thriving and Progressing, 1882-1906 9. Schools and Education, 1851-1906 10. The Militia and Volunteers of Bruce, 1856-1906 11. The Indian Peninsula, 1854-1906. The following twenty-seven chapters each deal with a separate minor municipality. In writing the "History of the County of Bruce," Norman Robertson pers

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A994.065.001 - Albemarle : a history of the township

This book reviews the history of the former township of Albemarle, Bruce County. Chapter Headings: 1. Albemarle Township; 2. The Geology of the Township; 3. Albemarle: Nature's Wonderland; 4. First Peoples of the Bruce; 5. Early Explorers and Map Makers; 6. Land Sales; 7. Albemarle Township Government; 8. Colpoy's Bay; 9. Berford Lake, South and East; 10. The Greig Settlement; 11. Mar; 12. Limberlost and Pike Bay; 13. Adamsville; 14. Purple Valley; 15. Howdenvale; 16. Red Bay; 17. Hope Bay; 18. Education; 19. Sawmills; 20. Roads and Transportation; 21. Postal Service; 22. The Homemaker's Daily Life; 23. Recreation

Image of A996.024.006 - Print, Photographic

A996.024.006 - Print, Photographic

Men, including members of the Sparks family, working on preparing for installation of the railroad into Southampton. There are seven horses and several men. One man and a horse are plowing. Man in centre with hand on hips is Samuel Sparks Sr. First man standing from left may be John Sparks. Mounted on mat board, with "E. Sparks, Southampton" embossed in lower left corner.

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AT2008.004.007 - Road ledger

This Lindsay Township roads ledger, 1970-1971, contains financial entiries concerning road maintenance (including snow removal) and construction in ledgers entitled: - machinery operation ledger; - job cost ledger.

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AT2009.001.001 - Pay list of workmen employed on the colonization road ; statement of expenditure on works

Two provincial forms related to work on Colonization Road in Lindsay Township, completed in 1925: a) Pay List of Workmen employed on the Colonization Road from the 17th of July 1925 to the 20th of July 1925, consists of a list of 29 names, days worked, no. of days and total amount. On the reverse is listed four "Instructions to Overseers." b) Statement of Expenditure on Works under By-laws, "a statement showing the expenditure made under by-law no. 365 of the Municipality of Lindsay Township entitled a By-law to improve main and leading roads within the said Municipality which was finally passed on the 15th of November 1924. Lists amounts expended description of three roads.

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AT2009.001.020 - Colonization roads correspondence

Three letters from the Colonization Roads Branch of the Ontario Department of Lands & Forests, concerning by-law: a) May 31, 1922: Colonization Roads by-law no. 335, Lindsay Township; b) January 4, 1923 and May 1, 1923: Colonization Roads by-law no. 346, Lindsay Township

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AT2016.009.032 - Road ledger

This roads ledger, 1970-1971, contains financial entiries organized into three parts: Construction, Maintenance, Machinery, and Miscellaneous.

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AT2017.003.029 - Granolithic work

A book setting out the "cost of granolithic sidewalk", 1902-1917, as well as a record of "assessments made on real property ... to meet Debentures sold under by law ..." 1902-1912, and "Paving Queen St." 1925-1926.

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AX2004.0032 - Historical walks through Carrick and Mildmay

"Historical Walks Through Carrick and Mildmay" is an accumulation of family records, reminiscences, stories, tales, anecdotes, news reports, archival material, records and photographs concerning Carrick Township in the County of Bruce. Chapter headings: The physical environment; Churches and cemeteries; Schools; Agriculture; The township; Lots and concessions; The village; The hamlets; Commerce; Transportation and communications; Sports; Military; Organizations and Societies; Index of family names.

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AX2004.0042 - Benchmarks: a history of Eastnor Township and Lion's Head

A a local history of Eastnor Township with the following chapter headings: Benchmarks in those early days; Benchmarks in industries; Benchmarks in agriculture; Benchmarks in travel & communication; Benchmarks in government; Benchmarks in education; Benchmarks in worship; Benchmarks in health care; Benchmarks in community activities; Benchmarks in military service; Benchmarks in tourism; Benchmarks in family stores; Index.

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AX2004.0046 - Between you and me and the gatepost : a historic view of the Lion's Head area

A local history of the Village of Lion's Head and the surrounding rural area. Chapter headings: 1. Early arrivals and the emerging community; 2. Operations of early settlers and their descendants; 3. Business and industry; 4. Mariners and fishermen; 5. Agriculture and horticulture; 6. Goods and services; 7. Institutions and societies; 8. Tourist industry; 9. Corporate responsibility and community activities; 10. Retrospect. Inside front cover signed by the author.

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AX2004.0092 - Incidents of pioneer days at Guelph and the County of Bruce

This book was written in 1903 by David Kennedy, an early pioneer who settled on the banks of the Saugeen River, 12 miles up from Southampton, Bruce County, Ontario. It contains excellent historical information of the Saugeen and Elderslie Township vicinities and the Saugeen River, as well as the experiences of an early settler migrating to the area. From the Preface "To the reader: The writer of this book would call your attention to three things: first, the contents are actual experiences and conditions which are in no way colored or embellished; second that there is no pretense to literary excellence, and third, that it is written that the reader may see the great strides of progress

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AX2004.0389 - Letters from Bruce County, written by Pioneer Joseph Bacon, 1795 - 1882

"Letters from Bruce County" documents an Joseph Bacon's family's 1835 immigration from England to Ontario where they become pioneers in the unsettled bush. It includes copies of original letters with annotations, a narrative of the their life experiences, and a modified register genealogy of the family documented with primary source references. Topics include: immigration, Queen's Bush, settlement roads, pioneer life, building shelter, transportation, crops and food, agriculture and farming, and property issues.